Management system

Information system: E-Office, Video Conference, online equipment management
In construction, the application of PMP standards, BIM Technical Management … helps the actual bidding and construction management at the site achieve unexpected results such as: Resolving a lot of conflicts before under construction; well control the volume and limit errors in the construction process.
In particular, SCI thoroughly applied the Occupational Health and Safety Management System OHSAS 18001: 2007. To operate this standard management system, the Company has focused on investing in human resources and facilities; building operational processes with a smooth coordination between departments and projects; identify and manage environmental issues comprehensively; prevent risks, losses from environmental incidents and manage hazardous environmental waste.
Moreover, the management of information systems via E-Office, Video Conference, and online device management also helps the browsing and management process be done automatically and integrated on the internet to ensure synchronization, in the entire system of SCI. The system also helps to minimize environmental damage through browsing on the system, saving paper used to print document documents.